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50Nm Magnetic Coupling for AUV

Underwater robots and underwater vehicles are equipment that work under the sea water, under water pressure and corrosion of the sea water, and they move under the water to perform specific functions, such as underwater rescue, sampling, surveying, etc. Internal precision parts, electronic components should be completely isolated from the sea water to prevent sea erosion, which requires magnetic coupling to isolate moving parts and stationary parts.

Magnetic coupling realizes non-contact transmission by using the principle of permanent magnets of opposite sex attracting each other. The motor drives the inner rotor to rotate, and the inner rotor magnets drive the outer rotor magnets, thereby driving the outer rotor to rotate. The outer rotor can be equipped with moving parts such as propellers and mechanical arms to achieve design functions. 

There is a stainless steel isolation cover between the inner rotor and the outer rotor to isolate the internal and external environments. The isolation cover is static and processed into a static seal. We know that static seals can achieve complete sealing and zero leakage compared with dynamic mechanical seals. The outer rotor is exposed to seawater and bears water pressure. We will design it as a whole epoxy potting or injection molding, and use corrosion-resistant materials to wrap the corrosive magnets and ferromagnetic materials, so that our magnetic couplings can meet the requirements of customers.




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