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Why Is the Industrial Magnet One of the Indispensable Part in Cranes?

Lifting electromagnets and electromagnet chuck products develop and seize the market rapidly in recent years. After years of development, relevant enterprises will further innovate the production technology, rapidly transform the advantages of resources and technology into market advantages, increase benefits, save costs, and give play to its due market potential. This is also the embodiment of the increasingly important position of industrial magnets in the lifting industry.


Industrial magnets are suitable for lifting large steel ingots and rolling large billets. They can produce a large magnetic field in a narrow adsorption area without adjusting the absorption force according to the deformation or distortion of the lifted parts, and can lift the steel under the condition of a certain gap. They can also produce a strong magnetic force to absorb strings of jagged steel safely. The use of balance type double beam realizes stable handling operations of bent large long steel.


The welding of industrial magnets includes: the welding of the structural parts shell and the welding of the non-magnetic guard plate and the shell (including the steel shell). The welding method is arc welding.


Today, material production processes involve a lot of lifting and handling, in which industrial magnets play an important role. Industrial magnets improve the technical level and safety management level of lifting and handling work, which is of great significance to improve labor productivity, reduce product costs and promote the development of productivity in modern production. Generally speaking, in the crane industry, not only can industrial magnets take the place of people's heavy physical labor by completing the loading and unloading of raw materials, products, semi-finished products to improve production efficiency, lifting electromagnets have also become one of the indispensable equipment to achieve production mechanization and automation as well as ensure the quality of the products.

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