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What Factors Will Affect the Price of NdFeB Magnets?

The price of NdFeB magnets is high or low. What causes the quality and price of NdFeB magnets to be affected? It can be explained mainly from two aspects.

Ⅰ. What are the factors that affect the processing cost of NdFeB magnets?

Generally speaking, the factors affecting the processing cost of NdFeB mainly include the following aspects:

1. The performance requirements, batch size, specification shape and processing tolerance size of NdFeB magnet.

2. The higher the performance requirements of NdFeB magnet processing, the higher the cost. For example, the price of N45 magnet is much higher than that of N35.

3. The smaller the batch of NdFeB magnet processing, the higher the processing cost.

4. It is related to its specifications and shapes. The shapes are divided into conventional and special shapes. The more complex the shape of the neodymium iron boron magnet, the higher the processing cost.

5. Related to tolerance size: especially small NdFeB magnets, used in micro precision instruments, have very strict tolerance regulations; if the process cannot be achieved, manual selection is required, and it has a high scrap rate and a cost. Higher.

Ⅱ. Market conditions affect the price fluctuations of NdFeB magnets

One is policy support. If the national policy fails to keep up with the demand of market development, the market development is unbalanced and speculators are hyped, the price of strong neodymium bar magnets will also be deeply affected. The second is technological level. At present, new energy is a project advocated by various countries, and companies have launched energy-saving markets to manufacture new energy vehicles. The invention and launch of new energy vehicles have had a great impact on this industry. Therefore, technological innovation also affects a magnet market to a large extent.

The above is an introduction to the factors affecting the price of NdFeB magnets. If you have any questions about NdFeB magnets, follow us for more relevant information.

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