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The Working Principle of Magnetic Coupling

I. The introduction of magnetic coupling


Magnetic coupling is a new transmission mechanism and a pure mechanical product without the limitation of working environment. It is more suitable for flammable and explosive environment. Because the magnetic coupling is a transmission device that transmits torque through the magnetic field, and there is no mechanical connection between the motor and the load shaft. When the motor rotates, the magnetic field lines are cut in the strong magnetic field generated by the permanent magnet rotor made of the copper magnetic disk on the magnetic rotor, which creates vortex in the disk, and the vortex currents make relative movement between the conducting rotor and the permanent magnet rotor. The functions of torque transmission and speed regulation can be achieved by adjusting the air gap between the rotor and the permanent magnet rotor as well as changing the size of the magnetic field.


II. The working principle of magnetic coupling


Magnetic coupling is divided into inner and outer magnets. Magnetic coupling working principle is a process of driving the outer magnet through the motor, and then the outer magnet transmits the power to the inner magnet. The inner and outer magnets are completely in two different spaces, so it is a force transmission without any media. The appearance of reaction still magnetic coupling device can be regarded as a qualitative leap in the reaction still industry, which has greatly solved the shortcomings of mechanical seal and many problems that could not be solved before in production test zones of chemical and pharmaceutical industries, and also solved the high temperature, high pressure, flammability, explosiveness and leakage problems of the reaction still.

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