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Packaging Protection of Long Magnetic Rods

Many manufacturers only pay attention to the magnetic rods which should not be damaged during transportation, but they do not have enough experience paying attention to the deformation of the magnetic rods caused when the customers take out the magnetic rods after receiving the goods. This phenomenon will occur in long-size  magnet products with a strong magnetic field:

After several magnetic rods are packed, because of the strong suction force, they are tightly attached together. We can't pull out a single magnetic rod at all. Most customers will grab one end of a single magnetic rod and lift it up forcefully. If the suction force is too strong, it will cause the magnetic rod to bend and deform during the lifting process.


When packaging, we first wrap it with moisture-proof paper to avoid scratches on the surface, and put it into a plastic pipe. The two ends of the plastic pipe are sealed with a cover to prevent dust from entering. At the same time, several short pipes are placed. The function of the short pipes is to increase the distance between the magnetic rods, because the suction force is proportional to the square of the distance, increasing the distance will reduce the suction force and avoid the bending of rods.


The magnetic rod adopts permanent magnets, and no additional energy is needed. It can remove the iron impurities in the materials to achieve the function of purifying the materials and protecting the equipment. The magnet rod is welded by argon arc welding, and the whole body is sealed and waterproof. And the surface roughness reaches RA0.6 after 4 polishing processes. The magnetic rod is completely covered by stainless steel, sealed and welded, which can effectively resist the erosion of acid and alkali solutions. Different from simple magnets, the magnet rod is composed of multiple magnets to form a magnetic circuit, which improves the magnetic field strength, which is twice that of a single magnet, so that the magnet rod can better absorb fine particles.


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