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Precautions for Magnetic Filter Cleaning and Use

There are three types of self-cleaning magnetic filters. What is the principle of magnetic filter cleaning?

1. Suction type: The filtered fluid passes through the coarse filter and reaches the fine filter. A residue layer will accumulate on the inner side of the fine filter. In this way, the necessary pressure difference between the inside and outside of the fine filter will occur. When the pressure difference reaches a preset value, the self-cleaning magnetic filter will just start to be cleaned automatically. When the cleaning valve is opened, the suction pipe will cause an adsorption force. In this kind of magnetic filter cleaning, even residue can be cleaned.


2. Brush type: Residues accumulate on the filter screen, causing a pressure difference. When the pressure difference exceeds the preset value, the motor controller sends the hydraulic control valve and the driver motor data signal, and the motor pushes the soft brush to rotate. This magnetic filter is cleaned Give priority to the filter screen and open the pressure regulating valve to carry out sewage treatment.


3. Backwashing: After the residue is accumulated on the fine filter, a pressure difference is generated. The pressure difference reaches the preset value, the filter valve opens, and the relevant parts relieve the pressure to allow the water to drain. At this time, there is air pressure. Under the effect, the residue on the filter screen is cleaned, and the water flows out of the filter valve. In the whole process of cleaning the magnetic filter, the self-cleaning magnetic filter of LEYUAN is in operation from beginning to end and is not easily affected.

So what should I pay attention to when using magnetic filters daily?

①Before the electromagnetic filter is operated, the excitation must be normal before the outlet valve can be opened and put into operation.

②When the electromagnetic filter stops running, the exit door must be closed first, and then the "magnetic loss" operation should be performed.

③During long-term operation, periodically check the changes of the filler (iron ball) coating to determine whether to replace the filler.

④ If the electromagnetic filter is out of service for a long time (more than 5 days), the insulation test should be carried out before starting, and it can be put into operation only after being qualified.

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