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Magnetic Coupling

Magnetic Coupling

0.1Nm to 20Nm Low Torque Magnetic Couplers

Magnetic coupling, also known as magnetic coupling or magnetic drive coupling, is a coupling that uses a magnetic field to transmit torque between shafts. They are non-contact, using the attractive and repulsive force of the magnetic poles to transmit rotational power.

Widely used in a magnetic drive pump or magnetic coupling motor. 

To know more about the magnetic coupling working principle, please check our blog for details.


FAQs of Magnetic Drive/Shaft Coupling

Are There Any Drawings Of Magnetic Couplings?

Our advantage is the low-torque magnetic drive couplings. Leyuan Group has optimized the series size of the magnetic coupler, and our customers can make adjustments based on this.

Magnetic Coupler

Please check the details data of MCM 0.1-10Nm magnetic coupling.PDF (325KB)

Magnetic Coupler

Please check the details data of MCL 3-80Nm magnetic coupling.PDF (370KB)

Sample, Price And Lead Time?

Magnetic coupling projects always need samples tested at the beginning, so as one of the magnetic coupling suppliers, we accept one sample order, but in order to screen out the customers with the intention of using the products for batches, we will charge a higher sample fee. Torque from 0.1 Nm to 80 Nm will charge a $450 to $1200USD sample fee, but the sample fee will be totally refunded upon receipt of a bulk order. The lead time is usually 35 days.

What Quantities Will Be Considered As A Bulk Order? Price?

We will quote according to the processing difficulty.

Do You Sell Ready-made Couplings?

Our magnetic shaft couplings are all customized. For example, if a customer needs a different shaft, then we have to machine a new part for them and so we keep no ready-made couplings in stock.

Failure Of Magnetic Coupling?

Magnetic coupling uses permanent magnets to transmit torque. The magnetic coupling fails when the permanent magnets are demagnetized or lose their magnetism. The main causes of magnetic failure are high temperatures, vibration, reverse magnetization, etc, so, as one of the professional magnetic coupling manufacturers, our magnetic coupling must run in a synchronous state. If the load is too heavy, the inner rotor stops or runs in asynchronous state. If the reverse magnetic field comes from the outer rotor, it will reduce torque or completely damage the coupling.

What Should I Pay Attention To When Installing The Magnetic Coupling?

Magnetic coupling is a non-contact transmission. Outer rotor and isolation and the inner rotor have a certain gap, which greatly reduces the difficulty of installation. However, the wall thickness of the isolation is very thin, and if it is rubbed against other parts, the isolation will be destroyed, so a certain Unsure what is meant here. has to be ensured accordingly.

Listen to Customers and Understand Their Needs Listen to Customers and Understand Their Needs

To fully understand the customer's intention, in addition to the main performance indicators of the magnetic assemblies, we also consider their working environment, using methods and transport status. Master the most comprehensive information to prepare for sampling in the next step.

Calculate the Design Model Calculate the Design Model

Calculate the Design Model

First, based on our experience and CAE calculations, an optimal model is obtained. The key point of the model is to use the minimum amount of magnets and magnet shapes are easy to machine. On this basis, our engineers will comprehensively consider the model structure which must be easy to machine and assemble. Then we sort out our opinions and communicate with customers, and finally sign sample orders.

Formulating Process and Sampling Formulating Process and Sampling

Formulating Process and Sampling

This is an example of an inspection equipment we specially designed. After signing the sample order, according to the process and assembly characteristics , we have to formulate a detailed process to increase the quality monitoring in key processes. At the same time, we make tooling & fixtures which serves two purposes: first,it is to ensure the geometric and dimensional tolerances of the parts and the entire product at this stage . and second, it is for parameter testing, and we must ensure that our products can be tested quickly and efficiently in subsequent batches.

Batch Production Control Batch Production Control

After receiving the batch orders, we will reasonably arrange the working positions and procedures for workers, then operation begins, when necessary, we will design and make the unique tooling & fixtures to reduce the labor intensity for workers and ensure the consistency of batch production.

Magnets Separating/Splitting Equipment

Magnets Separating/Splitting Equipment

Permanent magnet couplings, motor magnets and some magnetic assemblies require magnets to be assembled after magnetization. The efficiency of manual magnet splitting is low. The most important thing is that workers’ fingers are very painful to peel off magnets for a long time. For this reason, we designed and made this magnets separating/splitting equipment which completely relieves workers from pain and improves efficiency.

Automatic Glue Dispenser

Automatic Glue Dispenser

Glue is used to bond strong magnets and other parts together in most magnetic couplings and magnetic assemblies, usually manual gluing varies from person to person, and the amount of glue cannot be controlled, therefore, we designed and made automatic glue dispensing equipment that is exclusively for our product, compared with other glue dispensers sold on the market, ours works more efficiently and quickly.

Automatic Laser Welding Machine

Automatic Laser Welding Machine

Many products require laser welding. The purpose of doing so is to seal (magnets need to be completely sealed for some magnetic assemblies). In actual welding, workpieces have tolerances and welding has thermal deformation, however, our automatic laser welding machine can offer better weld strength, tighter precision, and minimal deformation for our bulk orders, we designed and made a lot of special tooling & fixtures, so even new workers also can quickly get started.

We just listed a small number of tooling & fixtures mentioned above, there still are many similar special tooling & fixtures with us. All of these are to reduce labor and improve efficiency while minimizing the effects of human operations. We have rich experience in production control. We do quantitative control in all processes so that the consistency can be ensured for each batch of products. In the current situation where workers are difficult to recruit and labor costs are rising sharply, we are pursuing high-quality products with minimal labor and continuous improvement is our goal.

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