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Application Advantages of Magnetic Couplings

Ⅰ. A brief introduction to the application of magnetic couplings

Magnetic couplings are mainly used in different types of fans, water pumps, material conveyors, bucket elevators, ball mills, winches, crusher, mixers, stranding machines and other mechanical equipments.


Ⅱ. Advantages of magnetic couplings

1. Adjustment range

Permanent magnet speed regulation can realize the stepless speed regulation for load in the range of 0~98%.


2. It can realize the process control with fast response speed

The actuator receives the standard 4-20 mA signal and adjusts the load speed according to the input signal to meet the requirements of the system with fast response speed.


3. No-load start with small current impact

When the magnetic coupling starts, the air gap is adjusted to the maximum to realize no-load start, which can greatly reduce the time required by the motor to start the current.


4. Reduce vibration

There is no mechanical hard connection between the pump and motor; it completely transfers the torque through the air gap, which has the advantages of isolating the vibration transmission and reducing the vibration.


5. High reliability and less maintenance

The equipment structure is simple, the failure rate is low, and the maintenance cost is low.


6. Long service life

The service life of magnetic couplings is up to 30 years.


7. Energy conservation

It can improve the efficiency, reduce the pipeline loss, and reduce the motor load by adjusting the load speed. The energy-saving effect is obvious.


8. It adapts to a variety of harsh working environments

The voltage of the power network fluctuates greatly and the harmonic content is high; it is suitable for flammable, explosive, humid environment and environment with high dust content, high temperature and low temperature.


9. No harmonic interference

Non-contact mechanical connection produces no harmonic interference.

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