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ALNiCo Magnets for High Temperature Applications

Ⅰ. The application of ALNiCo permanent magnets

ALNiCo magnets can be used at very high operating temperatures and provide excellent temperature stability. They have high remanence and lower coercivity than other magnet materials.

Physically, ALNiCo magnets are less brittle than neodymium, samarium cobalt and ceramic types of magnets. ALNiCo magnets are manufactured by casting or sintering process. Cast ALNiCo magnets can be made into complex shapes, which is impossible to achieve by most other manufacturing technologies for permanent magnet materials.

ALNiCo permanent magnets have a wide range of applications, especially those that need to be able to withstand operating temperatures up to 1,000°F (540°C). In contrast, samarium cobalt magnets can work at temperatures up to about 600°F (315°C), while neodymium magnets are limited to about 600°F (315°C)/250°F (120°C).

Ⅱ. Design, engineering and manufacturing of ALNiCo permanent magnets

1. Technical magnet design and engineering

Technical design, engineering and custom manufacturing of custom ALNiCo magnets and magnetic components, from prototypes to small and medium-sized production runs.

2. Internal production facilities

Our well-equipped in-house manufacturing and production facilities, as well as a dedicated assembly area equipped with clean rooms, enable us to provide complete delivery solutions, shorten delivery times, improve quality at all levels and reduce costs.

3. Quality planning and assurance

We use the most advanced equipment to provide a full range of inspection and testing services to ensure that the products we deliver meet strict industry standards and customer specifications. Our sophisticated QMS is constantly evolving to meet today's key standards and exceed customer expectations. 

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