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What is the Composition of a Magnetic Coupling?

1. The inner and outer magnets of the magnetic coupling

The inner magnet of the magnetic coupler should be firmly fixed on the guide ring with an adhesive, and the inner magnet should be isolated from the medium with a sheath. The minimum thickness of the sheath should be 0.4mm, and the material should be non-magnetic and suitable for the conveyed medium. The outer magnetic steel should also be firmly fixed on the outer magnetic steel ring with adhesive. In order to prevent damage to the outer magnet during assembly, it is better to cover the inner surface of the outer magnet.

Synchronous magnetic couplings should use rare earth magnetic materials such as samarium cobalt and neodymium iron boron; torque ring actuators can use rare earth magnetic materials such as samarium cobalt and neodymium iron boron, or aluminum nickel cobalt magnetic materials. The magnetic energy product of neodymium iron boron is higher than that of samarium cobalt. The disadvantage is that the use temperature is only 120°C and the magnetic stability is relatively poor. Samarium Cobalt has high magnetic transmission efficiency and magnetic energy product, and has extremely strong anti-demagnetization ability.

There are usually two types of samarium cobalt used in the magnetic coupling pump, samarium cobalt 1.5 grade Sm1Co5 and 2.17 grade Sm2Co17. Samarium cobalt 1.5 grade contains 35% samarium, cobalt 65%, the maximum operating temperature is 250 ℃, and the Curie temperature is 523 ℃; Samarium cobalt 2.17 grade contains 25% samarium, 50% cobalt, 25% titanium, iron, etc., and its maximum operating temperature is up to 350 ℃, Curie temperature 750 ℃.

2. Isolation sleeve of the magnetic coupling

The isolation sleeve of the magnetic coupling is also called an isolation cover or a sealing sleeve, which is located between the inner and outer magnets. It can completely separate the inner and outer magnetic steel, and the medium is enclosed in the isolating sleeve. The thickness of the isolation sleeve is related to the working pressure and operating temperature. If it is too thick, it will increase the gap size between the inner and outer magnets, thereby affecting the efficiency of the magnetic transmission. If it is too thin, it will affect the strength.

There are two kinds of isolation sleeves: metal and non-metal. The metal isolating sleeve of the magnetic coupling has eddy current loss, and the non-metal isolating sleeve has no eddy current loss. The metal isolation sleeve should be made of materials with high resistivity, such as Hastelloy, titanium alloy, etc., or austenitic stainless steel, and its thickness should generally be greater than or equal to 1.0mm.

Leyuan is a professional manufacturer of magnetic components. We are good at manufacturing magnetic components with complex structures, especially steel or stainless steel rotor bodies, glued magnets and precision welded parts. Before warehousing, we will check the performance and size of all raw materials and parts to ensure that the incoming materials meet our design requirements.

In the process of manufacturing magnetic couplings, we strictly implement the requirements of the quality management system, such as first article inspection. For this product, we will test glue adhesion, welding leakage and actual torque. After the first batch of products pass the inspection, subsequent mass production can be carried out. You are welcome to consult our products online!

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