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The Application of Magnetic Coupling in Roller Press Drive System

Ⅰ. Magnetic coupling is an ideal green product

In order to protect cement machinery and equipment, hydraulic coupling is often set in the transmission system of equipment to realize flexible start and reduce the impact of starting equipment. But in actual operation, oil leakage and other problems are easy to occur in hydraulic coupling. The magnetic drive is a new technology and an ideal green product to achieve the indexes of safety, reliability, energy-saving and consumption reduction, therefore, the magnetic coupling, a new type of flexible protection device,  is used by the magnetic products manufacturer in the transmission of roller press, and the operation effect is very good.


Ⅱ. The technical schemes of magnetic coupling in roller press transmission system

1. The roller press transmission system is provided with a telescopic universal joint, so there must be relatively fixed foundations on both sides when installing the magnetic coupling. Concrete ground foundation should be poured next to the motor through field measurement. On the basis of the bearing seat, the magnetic coupling can be installed between the bearing seat and the motor, and the bearing seat is connected with the reducer through the retractable universal joint, so as to realize the transmission of the roller press. The foundation can be constructed and maintained during production without affecting production at all.


2. Install the magnetic coupling on the motor shaft, and install the running end on the specially made support device. The support device is placed on the newly added concrete foundation, which bears most of the weight directly. The universal joint is connected with the reducer and the supporting end, and the magnetic coupling will not move during operation, which greatly reduces the vibration of the transmission system.


3. In order to make it convenient and fast to disassemble and install the magnetic coupling when maintaining the main motor, the expansion sleeve connection is designed between the magnetic coupling and the motor, between the magnetic coupling and the reducer or the bearing seat. When repairing the motor, the magnetic coupling can be separated from the motor as long as loosening the expansion sleeve.

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