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The Role of Magnetic Filters in Removing Iron Filings from Wastewater

1. Introduction of magnetic filters

The magnetic filter is suitable for filtering high-content impurities. It is a highly efficient automatic magnetic filter and magnetic separator, also known as an iron separator. It can automatically perform continuous filtration, backwashing and waste slagging, and is dedicated to filtering ferrous impurities. It can also efficiently remove a large amount of iron filings, iron powder and other ferromagnetic impurities contained in various liquids, slurries and gases. The magnetic filter adopts a permanent magnet iron removal design, which uses the magnetism of the magnetic rod to remove iron filings, iron powder and other impurities, which has a good effect of removing iron filings. This type of magnetic filter achieves full-automatic high-flow processing, and is suitable for pre-treatment filtration of automobile painting, filtration of cold and hot rolling water in steel mills, etc., to remove ferromagnetic particles remaining in the liquid.

2. The role of magnetic filters in removing iron filings from wastewater

Magnetic filters are mainly used to separate iron filings in liquids. We know that the iron filings in the liquid is a very headache. It not only causes serious damage to the water treatment equipment, but also increases the toxic substances in the sewage and causes serious damage to the environment.

The magnetic filter for water is composed of a high-strength strong magnetic material and a blocking filter screen, and the adsorption force is ten times that of general magnetic materials. It can absorb micron-level ferromagnetic pollutants in the case of instantaneous liquid flow impact or high flow rate. In addition, the magnetic filter can overcome the re-adsorption of magnetic pollutants under high-speed impact, and avoid the jam or wear of hydraulic components. So as to effectively extend the service life of hydraulic components and hydraulic system, and enhance the reliability of the hydraulic system.

The center of the magnetic filter is a cylindrical permanent magnet. The outside of the magnet is a cover made of non-magnetic material. The outside of the cover is surrounded by iron rings, which are connected by copper bars. There is a certain gap between the iron ring and the iron ring. When the ferromagnetic impurities in the hydraulic medium pass through the iron ring gap, they are adsorbed on the iron ring, thus playing the role of filtering iron filings.

Nowadays, there are all kinds of water treatment equipment. Although the magnetic filter has a limited range of use, it has a good filtering effect for waste water containing iron filings. Effectively reduce the hazard of iron filings in the waste liquid to the environment.

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