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Pharmaceutical Processing With Magnetic Products

Incoming material filtration: ensures that the iron content in the material meets the specification, laying a foundation for the subsequent process.

Grinding powder: the abrasion of grinding equipment produces secondary pollution, in the ball mill, when the raw material changes into powder, the iron ball abrasive will also drop the iron powder, and the magnetic filter is to remove the iron powder produced in the process

Mixing: Dry powders, particle, liquid or slurry, In the process of mixing, it is necessary to to use a cutter to stir. When the cutter and the material are rubbed, it is inevitable to wear, so the iron powder or iron particles will be mixed in the material.

Before packaging process: Before the product leaves the factory, magnetic filtration is carried out for the last time to remove iron pollutants, to ensure the iron content of product reaches the standard. Magnets for food industry is necessary in medical area of pharmaceutical processing.


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