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The Structure Principles and Characteristics of Pot Magnets

A pot magnet is a very common product in magnetic components, and it can be seen in various production and life scenes. There is a layer of steel shell on the outside of the pot magnet, which is shaped like a pot, hence the name is pot magnet. The combination of the magnet and the steel shell can optimize the magnetic circuit, enhance the unilateral magnetic force, and at the same time avoid the magnet from being bumped during use.

1. The application of pot magnets

Usually, pot magnets are used in magnetic hooks, doorstops, towing lights, and magnetic clamps.

2. The structures and principles of pot magnets

The distribution of the magnetic field lines of the pot magnet:

(1) The pot magnet is composed of three parts: a magnet, a steel shell, and a gasket

Magnet: NdFeB, samarium cobalt, magnetic ceramics, AlNiCo, and other materials can be used to make pot magnets.

Steel shell: general steel shell, there are two production processes: turning and stamping. The stamping process is cheaper. The turning process has higher dimensional accuracy, which can produce more size-required products, especially pot magnet products with larger diameters. (For the same size, the turning precision is better).

Gasket: generally made of plastic material, but also phenolic epoxy resin and brass.

(2) Principle

Under normal circumstances, the magnetic field lines of the magnet are freely distributed in the air, and the pot magnet adds a steel shell outside the magnet, and the magnetic circuit guides the magnetic field lines to focus on the working surface. After the pot magnet is attracted to the iron plate and comes into contact with the working surface, the magnetic lines of force gather much more than usual, so its pulling force is much larger than that of ordinary magnets.

3. The features of pot magnets

(1) Small size and powerful function.

(2) The strong magnetic force is only concentrated on one side, and there is almost no magnetic force on the other side, so the magnet is not easy to break.

(3) The magnetic force is five times that of the same volume magnet.

(4) The pot-shaped magnet can freely adsorb or move on the metal surface;

(5) Permanent magnetism and long service life.

Types of pot magnets:

Pot magnets for sale have a very wide range of applications and can be customized according to the needs of different use scenarios. Generally speaking, they can be punched or threaded.

4. Precautions for pot magnets

(1) The adsorption force of the pot-shaped magnet is the vertical force in the vertical direction, and the vertical force in the horizontal direction will be much smaller.

(2) The pot magnet is also related to the roughness of the adsorption interface.

(3) According to customer needs, can produce different styles of magnetic hooks with various types of adsorption, magnetic materials.

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