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How Is the Dia50x2300mm Super Long Magnetic Filter Rod

Custom-made ultra-long ferromagnetic filter rod, with 50mm diameter and 2300mm length, uses neodymium super magnet, and has a magnetic field up to 12000Gs. This product is applied to the copper foil board/strip production line to remove the fine iron particles on the surface of the copper strip so that the surface of the copper foil board/strip is smooth and clean.

The magnetic rod is completely covered by stainless steel, sealed, and welded, which can effectively resist the erosion of acid and alkali solutions.

The magnetic rod of LEYUAN adopts permanent magnets, thus, no additional energy is needed. It can remove the iron impurities in the material to achieve the function of purifying the material and protecting the equipment. The magnet rod is welded by argon arc welding, the whole is sealed and waterproof, and the surface roughness reaches RA0.6 after 4 polishing processes. Different from simple magnets, the magnet rod is a magnetic circuit composed of multiple magnets, which improves the magnetic field strength and is twice that of a single magnet, so the magnet rod can better absorb fine particles.

dia50x2300-mm-super-long-magnetic-filter-rod-1.jpg    dia50x2300-mm-super-long-magnetic-filter-rod-2.jpg    dia50x2300-mm-super-long-magnetic-filter-rod-3.jpg

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