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Mrs. ViVian: Design for Precision Pulling Force Magnets

Mrs. ViVian: Our current design is that the magnet is exposed to the marine environment. The high salinity and humid sea air will soon corrode the magnet. We have also used more expensive corrosion-resistant magnets and coatings, but none of them are satisfactory. Do you have any suggestions?

Leyuan Mrs. Crouse

(Internal Comment): For the first time, I know that the customer has tested various schemes, and it is a better scheme to completely isolate the magnet from the air

Our Comment to Mrs. ViVian: Our solution is to seal the magnet completely in the stainless steel substrate, not in contact with air. Stainless steel is resistant to acid and alkali, so that all parts will not be corroded. Please confirm the following questions, we can design:

1. Operating temperature

2. Magnetic force

3. Product drawings

4. Which sizes can we can adjust.

(Internal Comment): Considering th    at stainless steel is used as the body, and stainless steel is non-magnetic material, the magnetic force will weaken under the same size, so the volume of magnet needs to be increased. We need to ask the customer to confirm whether the size can be changed

Mrs. ViVian: Our product is used to measure the pressure, about 20KPa should be measured at 1mm. Meanwhile, our product has been finalized and the external size cannot be changed.

(Internal Comment): 

1. Users do not know how to measure the magnetic force, only offer the parameter requirements of their equipment, but we do not know the magnetic force corresponding to the pressure value. The solution is customers sending qualified samples, and we measure the relationship between distance and magnetic force.

2. The size cannot be changed, the only way is increasing the grade of magnet .

Our Comment to Mrs. ViVian: Please send several qualified products. After receiving the products, we will do measurement and test. The results will be available in about 7-10 days.

The steps of our action:

1. After getting the products , we measured the corresponding data between the magnetic force and the distance.

2. The body of the product is made of 420 materials, but the customer said that it would rust, so we chose 431 stainless iron to do the salt spray test. The test results show that 431 is more resistant to salt spray corrosion than 420

Leyuan Mrs. Crouse

3. Conduct 3D simulation with the material of 431 and the size of the customer's products, simulate magnetic force, preliminarily determine magnet’s grade, size and internal size of the body.

4. Tell the customer the result of our calculation, and start the sample production after the customer's approval.

5. Make drawings of all the parts.

6. Determine the process, select the appropriate glue, and make the necessary fixtures.

7. Complete a series of production processes such as production, assembly and inspection.

Mrs. ViVian: We have carried out an internal test, and the magnetic force completely meets our requirements, while the external size does not change, which can completely replace our existing products. And the appearance is particularly good, much better than previous products

(Internal Comment) Vivian is very pleased with our samples. After running for 8 months in the real environment, the sample still has no rust spots and no performance degradation, and now a long-term business relationship has been formed.

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