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Attention Must Be Paid Attention to These Aspects of Storing NdFeB Magnets

There are several aspects of storing NdFeB magnets that everyone must pay attention to. Here we can give you a brief introduction, because we all know that its use range is very wide, and its development history is also very long, so preservation is also very important. If you are interested, you can come with us to see how to save it.

1. Avoid storing NdFeB magnets in high temperature and high humidity environments

There are many things to pay attention to after NdFeB is formed, especially when it is stored. It is very important to avoid placing NdFeB magnets in a humid environment during storage.

If placed in a humid environment, some properties of NdFeB magnets may be affected, and the magnetism of NdFeB magnets may be weakened. It is also important that when NdFeB is stored in a humid environment, its appearance and physical properties may change.

Because some special NdFeB magnets will weaken or even disappear in a high temperature environment, this is a very troublesome thing for practical applications, so do not store NdFeB magnets in a high temperature environment, this still requires special attention.

2. Try to store NdFeB magnets separately

This is to prevent the NdFeB from being damaged by collisions, which may cause it to be unable to be used normally. Do not store NdFeB magnets close to certain electronic instruments, such as disks, tapes, etc., otherwise it may cause circuit failures of electronic instruments and affect their use, especially some magnetic storage devices.

3. When storing NdFeB magnets, try not to get close to the magnetic recording equipment

When storing NdFeB, try not to get close to magnetic recording equipment such as floppy disks, credit cards, kinescopes, etc. If you are close to these devices, NdFeB may affect or even destroy some of the data they record. This is a troublesome thing, so we have to remember.

When storing NdFeB magnets, if a person who is sensitive to metals approaches the neodymium iron boron, some reactions may occur, such as redness of the skin. Therefore, people who react to metals should not take the initiative to approach the neodymium iron boron, otherwise it may cause some unhealthy physical conditions.

We must pay attention to the preservation of NdFeB magnets. Strictly speaking, it can also be said to be part of the NdFeB process. The preservation of NdFeB is also a very important aspect for practical applications and should be paid attention to.

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