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The Role of Magnetic Coupling in Magnetic Sealing Reaction Kettle

1. The magnetic coupler in the magnetic reactor

Magnetically sealed reactor is suitable for chemical, pharmaceutical, dye and microbiological engineering industries, especially for chemical reactions where the working medium reacts violently, toxic and hydrogenation, high pressure, vacuum, high-speed stirring and other packing seals cannot be used. The magnetic coupling in the magnetic reactor is mainly composed of a copper rotor, a permanent magnet rotor and a controller.

2. The role of the magnetic coupler in the magnetic sealed reactor is as follows:

(1) The magnetic coupler abandons the structure of packing the stirring shaft through the packing, and adopts a new transmission method in which the inner and outer magnetic rotors use the magnetic force to transmit the torque through the sealed cover. The stirring parts in the kettle completely rotate inside the static sealed cavity of the kettle body, and do not extend out of the kettle body. This solves the leakage problem that the packing seal cannot overcome, and keeps the reaction medium in a closed state.

(2) The role of the magnetic coupling in the magnetic sealed reactor is very huge, and there is no leakage or pollution in the entire operation.

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