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Important Application of Magnetic Filter in New Energy Lithium Battery Material Industry

1. The development of magnetic filters in the new energy lithium battery material industry

In recent years, with the continuous advancement of the national new energy policy, the demand for lithium battery materials has increased simultaneously. In the production process of lithium battery materials such as nickel cobalt manganese oxide, cobalt carbonate, lithium carbonate, lithium phosphate and other materials, the magnetic filter equipment has become an extremely ideal ferromagnetic impurity filter equipment for the lithium battery industry to upgrade the quality and capacity and realize process intelligence.

2. The role of magnetic filters in the production process of lithium battery materials

The magnetic filters can be used in the magnetic impurity filtration system of the positive electrode material slurry before the drying process. Lithium battery materials such as lithium iron phosphate, etc., during the production process, the positive electrode material slurry usually needs to be dried. Many companies use stainless steel for the two stirring spirals in the cone and cylindrical mixers, but the battery powder is being stirred. In the accompanying process, the cylinder will be constantly rubbed. After a long time of work, both the cylinder and the spiral will be greatly abraded. The abraded stainless steel is mixed with the battery powder. The iron content of the stainless steel is up to 70%. The body is seriously polluted.

Since the slurry contains magnetic impurities such as iron phosphide (Fe2P), iron trioxide (Fe2O3) and elemental iron, the powder obtained after drying often contains ferromagnetic impurities, which ultimately leads to the large magnetic impurity content of lithium battery products, the presence of these impurities will increase the self-discharge rate of the finished battery, and at the same time reduce the specific capacity and energy density of the lithium battery materials. In particular, side reactions such as the dissolution of impurity iron in the electrolyte may cause a micro-short circuit inside the battery. It will have a fatal impact on the lithium-ion battery and affect the life of the battery.

Therefore, under the premise of ensuring production efficiency, how to effectively remove ferromagnetic impurities has always been a technical link that lithium battery material manufacturers attach great importance to. The magnetic filter such as our magnetic drawer filter has the characteristics of low energy consumption, long life, and strong cleaning ability in the production process of lithium battery materials. It is currently a common choice for many lithium battery material manufacturers to remove magnetic impurities.

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