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What Are the Components of the Permanent Magnet Separator?

1. The composition of the permanent magnet separator

The permanent magnet separator mainly relies on permanent magnets: ferrite and NdFeB, which are typeset into a large magnetic block according to certain rules, and then these magnetic blocks are placed in a closed space of stainless steel, and the magnet is used to attract iron filings.

Generally, permanent magnetic separators are divided into two types: rubber roller permanent magnet separators and comb tooth permanent magnet separators; rubber roller permanent magnet separators are mainly suitable for small impurity particles in liquids, powder particles, such as most grinders. The comb type 23608 is mainly used for liquids with large particles, such as supporting spinning machines, cold rolling wastewater treatment, etc.

The selection standard is mainly determined by the flow rate, which means the separation flow rate is 50L/min, and 100 is the flow rate 100L/min. This flow rate is the circulating flow rate of the machine tool pump. This parameter must be matched to have a good separation effect.

2. The characteristics of permanent magnet separator

Permanent magnets are hard magnetic materials with great remanence and coercivity. There are many types. Alloy magnets (such as nickel, aluminum-cobalt alloy) and ceramic magnets (such as barium and strontium ferrite) are commonly used in magnetic separation equipment. The composed permanent magnetic separator can absorb magnetic objects in powder and granular materials. It is suitable for industries such as food, feed and medicine.

The permanent magnet separator with wide magnetic pole surface and strong magnetism can quickly clean up the adsorbed magnetic impurities without stopping production.

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