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Features of Magnetic Filters

Magnetic filters, as the name suggests, are used to separate the fineness of iron filings in common liquids, so that the liquid medium can meet the requirements of the process. It is usually used in production operations in the food, medical and other industries.

1. The working principles of magnetic filters

When the liquid enters the filter screen, part of the solid impurities will be blocked inside the screen. At the same time, if there are fine iron filings and other components in the medium, they will be adsorbed on the magnetic rod casing accordingly, and the filtered clean liquid is discharged through the filter screen.

In addition, the maintenance and maintenance of the magnetic filter is also simple and convenient. When the filter needs to be cleaned, we can unscrew the screw plug of the sewage outlet at the bottom of the main pipe. When all the fluid has been drained, the flange cover can be disassembled, the filter screen can be taken out for cleaning, and then re-installed. Regular cleaning of the magnetic filter can remove the rust, sediment, etc. remaining in the filter, so as to protect the filter pipeline and its interior from damage, and ultimately protect the normal operation of the filter equipment.

In addition to its own use, china magnetic filter can also be combined with other filter materials to form a filter element. The filter paper filter element is formed by bonding the middle and inner and outer oil filter papers. The tie rod in the middle of the filter element is equipped with a magnetic filter element composed of many magnetic rings and nylon spacers. If a filter medium is required, it needs to be magnetically filtered first, and then gradually filtered out through the paper filter element from the inside out.

2. Features of magnetic filters

(1) The maximum magnetic induction intensity can reach 12,000 Gauss, and it is composed of permanent magnetic rods.

(2) Remove the fine particles of 0.5~60μm that we cannot see with the naked eye.

(3) The smoothness of the magnet filters surface can meet our food-grade requirements.

(4) It has good iron removal performance and strong adsorption capacity, which is convenient for cleaning iron filings.

(5) The material is made of high-performance NdFeB, and its magnetic force is 5~20 times higher than that of ordinary magnetic materials.

Of course, in addition to the general magnetic filters, our common filters also have dual-cartridge magnetic filters. Its working principle is similar to a double filter, which is mainly composed of two reversing valves. When cleaning is required, we can use one filter device to work first, which will not only not affect the work of the other, but also ensure the continuous operation of the work.

We all know that a certain amount of iron, manganese and other materials are commonly found in the discharge of industrial production and groundwater. When it reaches a certain amount, it will not only affect people's sense of smell, but also have a certain impact on some industrial production. The most common ones are exchange resin poisoning during ion separation and accidental corrosion of boilers. Therefore, it is particularly important to remove impurities in water in a timely and effective manner. Among the filter products, in addition to magnetic filters, backwash filters, activated carbon filters, sterilization filters, etc. have a role that cannot be ignored in sewage treatment!

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