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Magnetic Trap Food Industry

Magnetic separation products are becoming more common in the food industry. When magnetic separation products are working in the food processing, metal fragments are easily to be left in the grinder, sometimes even raw materials. Metal fragments pose a safety risk to consumers and can even damage processing equipment. So magnets used in food processing is definitely necessary. 

magnetic trap food industry

Applications Of Food Processing Magnets

Incoming material filtration: such as particle, rhizome, leaf, etc, raw materials magnetic filtration, The raw materials are primarily sorted to ensure the normal operation of subsequent processes.

Iron removal after chopping: iron impurities dropped from the cutter after block raw materials are chopped will damage the human body and lead to excessive iron content, so it is necessary to remove these contaminants by the filtration of inline magnets for food processing.

Grinding powder: the abrasion of grinding equipment produces secondary pollution. For example, in the ball mill, when the raw material changes into powder, the abrasive iron ball will also drop into the iron powder; the magnetic filter is used to remove the iron powder produced in the process.

Mixing: Dry powders, particles, liquid or slurry. In the process of mixing, it is necessary to use a cutter to stir. When the cutter and the material are rubbed, it is inevitable that wear will occur, so the iron powder or iron particles will be mixed into the material.

Before packaging processes: Before the product leaves the factory, magnetic filtration is carried out for the last time to remove iron pollutants and to ensure the iron content of product reaches the necessary standard.

Types of Magnets For Food Industry


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