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Custom Powerful Magnet

Custom-made powerful magnets are used in corrosive liquids. The magnet is required to be completely covered in a stainless steel SS316 shell and welded by argon arc welding. The whole is waterproof and anticorrosive sealed welding, and the end welding bolts are used for installation. The size of the magnetic component is 120mm in diameter, 50mm in height, and the magnetic field strength is above 8000Gs.


Production process:



Due to the large size of the custom made magnets and the strong magnetic field, it cannot be made by conventional technology. We carefully studied the structure and production process of the magnetic component according to the customer's requirements. The first is to complete the welding of the stainless steel 316 shell, thereby leaving room for assembly. Then we designed and manufactured an assembly bracket, which uses a jack to assemble the powerful N52 magnet and control the position, so as to prevent the magnet from flying out and hurting people due to the principle of same-sex repulsion. In the third step, the welding worker first uses a small current to weld the seal of the magnetic device in place, and then uses a high current to weld the seal as a whole. Finally, it is polished into a beautiful finished product.

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