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Iron Removal from Ternary Lithium Battery Material in the Pipeline

The installed capacity of ternary lithium batteries in China has reached 62.7%, and the installed capacity of lithium iron phosphate power batteries is 36.7%. In the production process of lithium battery materials, iron content is a very important indicator and should be lowered as much as possible. If there are conductive particles (such as iron) in the internal materials of lithium batteries, in the process of repeated re-discharge, the iron particles will generate high-voltage electricity while conducting electricity, which can penetrate the insulating layer of the lithium battery and affect the life of the lithium battery. Therefore, the content of iron particles should be strictly controlled when producing lithium battery materials, which requires a very strong magnetic field. Currently, high-end lithium batteries use a magnetic field above 14000 Gs for iron removal.

This is a magnetic filtered unit composed of 8 magnetic cores.




Among them, the magnetic core adopts a tapered shape at the end, which is easy to be located, and it is convenient for workers to often remove it from the pipeline for cleaning and insert it into the pipeline again. The magnetic force of the magnet rod reaches 14,000 Gauss, and multiple sets of devices are connected in series, which can effectively remove iron impurities in lithium battery materials.

The pipeline magnetic trap adopts an online iron removal mode, which works continuously. According to the iron content in the material and the working time, workers regularly clean the adsorbed iron impurities. 

We can design and manufacture high-pressure resistant pipeline magnetic traps according to requirements.

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