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Application Range and Characteristics of Powerful Bar Magnets

The application of powerful bar magnets is becoming more and more extensive, which shows that the professional requirements for the production of powerful magnets will be higher.

Ⅰ. The application range of powerful bar magnet

1. Electroacoustic field: speakers, receivers, microphones, alarms, stage audio, car audio, etc.

2. Electronic appliances: permanent magnet mechanism vacuum circuit breaker, magnetic holding relay, watt-hour meter, water meter, sound meter, reed switch, sensor, etc.

3. Motor field: VCM, CDDVD-ROM, generators, motors, servo motors, micro motors, motors, vibration motors, etc.

4. Mechanical equipment: magnetic separation, magnetic roll separator, magnetic crane, magnetic machinery, etc.

5. Medical and health care: nuclear magnetic resonance instrument, medical equipment, magnetic therapy health products, magnetized fuel economizer, etc.

Ⅱ. The characteristics of powerful bar magnet

Powerful bar magnets are very common in motors and power tools. Strong magnetism is also neodymium iron boron, which is characterized by strong magnetism and can absorb objects more than 600 times its own weight. Has extremely high magnetic properties. Coupled with its small size and light weight, its practicability far exceeds that of magnets of other materials.

Regarding the quotation of powerful bar magnets, because many magnets are customized products, the price of powerful bar magnets will be affected by quantity, size, tolerance, etc.

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