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Technology and Principle of Magnetic Filters

The magnetic filter is mainly used to separate the fine iron filings in the liquid medium, so that it can meet the required process requirements of the liquid medium. What application range is the magnetic filter suitable for, and what kind of process is it? Let's talk about it below.

1. Application of magnetic filters

Magnetic filter iron and manganese filter is mainly used in food, beverage, papermaking, brewing industry, treatment of water with excessive iron content, groundwater, well water as drinking water for iron removal, geothermal engineering and swimming pool circulating water needs. Titanium rod filter uses titanium powder sintered filter element, which is generally used for coarse filtration or intermediate filtration. Groundwater often contains a certain amount of iron and manganese salts. When the iron and manganese salts reach a certain amount in the water, they will not only affect the sense of smell and the taste of the water, but also have adverse effects on certain production processes: such as ion exchange resin poisoning, corroding the boiler.

Magnetic filters are used in the food industry, medicine, cosmetics, fine chemicals and other industries. At the same time, the dual-barrel magnetic filter is equipped with two reversing valves. One group of filter devices is put into operation when it is working. When the position of the reversing valve is changed during cleaning, the other group can continue to run, which can ensure the continuity of the process pipeline.

2. Process introduction of magnetic filters

The general process for removing iron and manganese in water is: iron and manganese water-aeration-natural manganese sand filtration, and removal by the principles of catalytic oxidation and ion exchange. The manganese sand filter is designed based on this process. By filling the magnetic filter with manganese sand, the iron salt and manganese salt in the pre-aerated groundwater are removed by the adsorption of the manganese sand on the iron salt and manganese salt.

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