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Characteristic Analysis of Alnico Magnets

1. Grades and materials of AlNiCo permanent magnets

We have a large stock of licensed standard and premium grade AlNiCo magnet materials to reduce production and delivery time. We provide cast and sintered Alnico magnets in grades from Alnico 2 to Alnico 5 and Alnico 8.

2. The shape and size of AlNiCo permanent magnets

Alnico magnets range in size from small disk magnets with a diameter of 1/16 inch to large cast Alnico magnets weighing up to 500 pounds. Standard shapes include discs, rectangles, troughs, horseshoes, rods and rings in different sizes. Non-standard shapes can be customized according to the specifications of the raw materials, and we can customize almost any shape and size according to the customer's exact specifications.

3. Precautions for the temperature of AlNiCo magnets

Alnico magnets provide the best temperature characteristics of all permanent magnets. Alnico magnets can be used at extreme temperatures up to 1,000⁰F (540⁰C), which is the highest temperature any magnet material can use, while maintaining 90% room temperature magnetization.

4. Manufacturing method of AlNiCo permanent magnets

Alnico magnets are hard and brittle, so they are prone to chipping and cracking. Cast AlNiCo magnets may have defects, such as pores and voids commonly found in cast materials. Typical manufacturing methods for AlNiCo magnet materials include powder metallurgy processes using rigid steel or rubber molds.

The machining or drilling of AlNiCo magnet materials cannot be completed by ordinary methods, and should be cut or ground before magnetization. We are fully capable of processing these materials according to the special requirements of customer projects.

5. Precautions for magnetization and assembly of AlNiCo magnets

Due to its low coercivity, it is strictly forbidden to contact any ferromagnetic substance during use, so as to avoid local irreversible demagnetization or distortion of the magnetic flux density distribution. In addition, in order to strengthen its anti-demagnetization ability, the pole faces of AlNiCo magnets are often designed to be long cylinders or rods. When combining with circuit components, it is recommended to magnetize the material after assembly.

6. Handling and storage of AlNiCo permanent magnets

Alnico magnets are very strong and fragile and should be stored with a "holder" that turns off the magnetic field to reduce the risk of demagnetization. However, if AlNiCo alloys are partially demagnetized, they can easily be remagnetized.

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