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Introduction to the Magnetic Coupling Underwater Propeller

The underwater propeller is an energy conversion device that converts the heat, nuclear energy and electrical energy on the underwater vehicle into electric power to propel the ship forward. In the deep-sea environment, the underwater robot uses the built-in propeller to realize such navigation movements like direct navigation of fixed depth, variable-depth diving, turning sideways, and dynamic positioning, and to accomplish various tasks such as deep-sea environmental observation, deep-sea mineral exploration, marine biological investigation, seabed topographic mapping, as well as deploying and repairing of submarine pipelines and cables. Propellers are also the power actuator of the underwater robots, and have been widely used in ships. That is to say, the development history of underwater robot propellers is the same as the development history of ship propellers.

The magnetic coupling propeller is composed of several mechanical structures, including screw propeller, conduit, machine of permanent magnetic coupling and propeller shell. The output shaft of the motor is connected to the inner rotor of the permanent magnetic coupler, and the outer rotor of the permanent magnetic coupler is connected to the propeller hub to drive the screw propeller's rotation and generate thrust force. In the case that the magnetic coupling propeller meets the motor power condition, the propeller that meets the thrust power can be designed. Firstly, the conduit screw propeller is designed according to the propeller blade, and then the thrust characteristic curve of the propeller is obtained through the design. Then the permanent magnet coupler is designed according to the torque required by the propeller.

Advantages of magnetic couping underwater propeller:

(1) Save energy by 25% to 66%

(2) Less maintenance

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