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Differences between Dry Magnetic Separator and Wet Magnetic Separator

Ⅰ. The introduction of dry magnetic separator

Dry magnetic separator is the mainstream of magnetic separation equipment, which is also used for industrial low-intensity magnetic separation equipment earlier. It is suitable for arid areas and can separate large and coarse ore with strong magnetism as well as fine ore with weak magnetism through simple process. Common dry magnetic separation equipment includes: dry low-intensity magnetic field magnetic separator (in addition to ironware and magnetic pulley) and dry high-intensity magnetic field magnetic separator (induction roller magnetic separator, dry electromagnetic disc type high-intensity magnetic separator and dry roller magnetic separator).


Dry magnetic separator has high requirements on the material. The material that needs to be separated should be dry with an independent and free form, otherwise the separation effect will be affected. In addition, the efficiency of dry magnetic separators is mainly restricted by three factors: roller speed, baffle position and ore size.


Ⅱ. The introduction of a wet magnetic separator

Wet magnetic separators are industrial magnetic separators widely used in iron ore concentrators. They can not only be used for separation operation but also replace the magnetic dewatering tank as the concentration equipment before filtration. The process is complicated, and water is needed as the medium for separation. The common wet magnetic separator includes wet low-intensity magnetic separation equipment (magnetic dewatering tank) and wet high-intensity magnetic separation equipment (wet induction roller type high-intensity magnetic separator, Jones type high-intensity magnetic separator and flat ring magnetic separator). According to the tank structure, wet magnetic separators can be divided into the current wet magnetic separators, countercurrent wet magnetic separator and semi-countercurrent wet magnetic separators.


Wet magnetic separators can save energy and reduce consumption, effectively utilize extremely lean iron ore and improve the quality of final iron concentrate,which is the preferred choice of the supplier of the magnetic product. They are generally used for selecting fine strong magnetic ore, weak magnetic ore, and iron powder.


Ⅲ. Differences between dry and wet magnetic separators

(1) Different feeding

Dry magnetic separators can separate the ore whose humidity is below 5%, and the beneficiation process of wet magnetic separators must rely on water as the medium.


(2) Different feeding granularity

Dry magnetic separators are used for selecting large and coarse ore with ferromagnetism and fine ore with weak magnetism (beach sand). Wet magnetic separators are used for separating fine strong magnetic ore and fine weak magnetic ore.


(3) Different techniques

Dry magnetic separators can realize mineral separation without water, and the technique process is simple, while the process flow of wet magnetic separators is complex.

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