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How to Control the Product Quality of NdFeB Permanent Magnets?

Permanent neodymium bar magnets are also called modern industrial monosodium glutamate. As a high-performance magnetic material in modern industry, it promotes the progress of contemporary technology and society. It is widely used in various fields. How to judge the overall magnetic performance of strong neodymium bar magnet products?

1. The magnetic properties of strong neodymium bar magnets

First of all, the key is to control the magnetic properties of the raw materials used in the production process.

(1) Manufacturers of raw materials for NdFeB magnets produce medium/low grade sintered NdFeB according to business needs. Under the premise of meeting the national standards for raw material purchase, Leyuan only sells high-grade neodymium iron boron.

(2) The advanced nature of the production process also determines the performance and quality of the magnet.

(3) Quality monitoring in the production process is important.

2. The shape, size, and tolerance of strong neodymium bar magnets

Utilize various shapes of neodymium bar magnets, such as round, special-shaped, square, tile-shaped, and trapezoidal. Materials of different sizes are processed using different machine tools to cut rough materials. Advanced technology and machine operators determine the accuracy of the product.

3. Surface coating treatment of strong neodymium bar magnets

The electroplating processes include zinc, nickel, nickel-copper, nickel-plated copper alloy, and others. Electroplating options can be carried out on the products according to customer requirements. A summary of the pros and cons of the product quality of neodymium bar magnets is to grasp the performance, dimensional tolerance control, and judge the appearance inspection and evaluation of the coating. Tests such as Gaussian surface to detect the magnetic flux of the magnet; Dimensional tolerance, the accuracy that can be measured with a vernier caliper. The coating, the color, and brightness of the coating, and the bonding force of the coating. You can also observe the surface of the strong neodymium bar magnets by the appearance to be smooth, whether there are spots, edges, or corners, to evaluate the quality of the product.

As a manufacturer of neodymium bar magnets, Leyuan introduces you sintered neodymium bar magnets, which are currently the most powerful commercial permanent magnets with maximum energy products ranging from 26mGy to 52mGy. NdFeB is the third-generation permanent magnet developed in the 1980s. It combines extremely high remanence and coercivity and has a variety of grades, sizes, and shapes. With its excellent magnetic properties, neodymium iron boron materials provide flexibility for new designs, or as alternatives to traditional magnetic materials such as ceramics, alnico, and samarium cobalt to achieve higher efficiency and more compact devices. If you want to purchase neodymium bar magnets, Leyuan will be your best choice!

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