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Chemical Processing With Magnetic Products

Powder Industries:Such as Crystalline silica micro-powders,Fumed Silica, Ceramics, ect,chemical and minerals Powder, In the raw material feeding, crushing, screening, packaging and other process engineering, need to use magnetic filter, some working temperature up to 200 ℃, can choose high temperature resistant magnetic filter.

Pigment, coating, ink industry: iron is easy to be oxidized and turned into dark red, which seriously affects the quality of products. The iron content in these products determines the quality and price. In order to remove as much iron contaminent as possible, magnetic filtration equipment is usually used, and multi-stage series connection is adopted.

Lithium battery industry: the ternary materials, anode materials and roll film of lithium battery have strict requirements for iron content in the manufacturing process. Otherwise, iron particles in lithium battery will easily break through the diaphragm during repeated charge and discharge, resulting in the decrease of battery capacity or life, and even battery scrap.


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