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Recycling With Magnetic Products

  • Cold-rolled sheet ferrous powder: During the cold rolling process, iron shavings fall from the blank. The output of cold-rolled steel is huge, and there are a lot of iron shavings accumulated. These iron shavings should be recycled and reused to save energy and eliminate waste. The magnetic filter equipment can absorb these iron shavings so that they can be treated and recycled centrally.

  • Iron particles in boiler condensate:The iron scale in the boiler will deposit on the boiler wall, resulting in low thermal efficiency and excessive heavy metal content. We can effectively remove the iron impurities in the boiler by installing boiler magnetic filter in the water inlet pipe, and regularly clean and maintain the efficiency of the boiler equipment.

  • Iron filings during machinery:The iron chips produced by machining enter into the collector together with the coolant, but the coolant can be reused. The magnetic filter equipment absorbs the iron chips, and the clean coolant enters the machine again through the circulating pump for recycling.

  • Lubricants recycling:Lubricating oil such as vehicles, machinery and equipment has recycling value, but the wear of engine and machine in the process of operation produces iron pollutants. We let waste lubricating oil flow through a magnetic filtering equipment, and iron impurities are separated to get clean lubricating oil.


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