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What Is Magnetic Separation?

Ⅰ. What is magnetic separation?

Many people may have heard of magnetic separators, but what is magnetic separation?


Magnetic separation is an industrial process that recovers ferromagnetic contaminants from materials on a production line. Manufacturers use this process to extract useful metals, separate recycled materials, purify materials and perform a variety of other tasks. Magnetic separator manufacturers may offer a range of products for different applications, including a variety of sizes with strong and weak magnetic fields to attract different types of magnetic materials. For example, the central heating magnetic filter cleaning used in water processing, which will prenent the the impurities of entering into the boiler water. What's more, magnetic drawer filter used in the plastics industry has the same working principle.

The magnetic separator consists of a large rotating drum that can generate a magnetic field. The material enters the separator, and if the material is not magnetic, it will drops through the mesh at the bottom. Sensitive particles react to magnetism and stick to the sides of the container. The drum can be used for continuous material handling as it moves along the assembly line, or for batch operations (one batch at a time).
Ⅱ. The introduction of magnetic separator 


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