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Why does the magnetic force of magnetic filtration products decrease with time?

The magnetic force of magnetic filtration products (such as magnetic bars) will continue to decrease during use, then what factors will affect the magnetic force? Even if we use and maintain the magne...

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What Do You Know About Magnetic Assemblies? ​

How to understand the magnetic assembly materials? Materials that can react to magnetic fields in some way are called magnetic assembly materials. According to the magnetic strength of substances in t...

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Features of Magnetic Filters

Magnetic filters, as the name suggests, are used to separate the fineness of iron filings in common liquids, so that the liquid medium can meet the requirements of the process. It is usually used in p...

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The Production Process of Neodymium Bar Magnets

1. Preparation and pretreatment of the raw materials of neodymium bar magnetsPretreat raw materials such as weighing, crushing, breaking and rust removal.2. Melting of neodymium bar magnetsThe pretrea...

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How Long Can the General Suction of Strong Neodymium Bar Magnets Be Maintained?

Strong neodymium bar magnets are mainly composed of three materials: neodymium, iron, and boron. Of course, they contain other elements, but the ingredients of different products are different. The ma...

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Magnetic Field Generation Principle of Neodymium Bar Magnets

Neodymium magnets, also called neodymium bar magnets, are tetragonal crystals composed of neodymium, iron, and boron. Since classical physics still refuses to use the concept of elementary particles t...

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How to Control the Product Quality of NdFeB Permanent Magnets?

Permanent neodymium bar magnets are also called modern industrial monosodium glutamate. As a high-performance magnetic material in modern industry, it promotes the progress of contemporary technology ...

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What Will Make the Demagnetization of Neodymium Bar Magnets?

Powerful magnets generally refer to neodymium bar magnets, which are tetragonal crystals formed by neodymium, iron, and boron (Nd2Fe14B). At present, this material is widely used in the market, but st...

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What Are the Benefits of Installing a Magnetic Filter?

Ⅰ. Magnetic filter solves the problem of secondary pipeline pollutionUrban water supply pipelines will become very old due to long-term use, and there are many impurities such as sediment. Because th...

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What is the Main Difference Between Neodymium Bar Magnets and Alnico Magnets?

Aluminium, nickel, cobalt, copper, iron, trace titanium, and other metal elements are used to make alnico magnets. They are highly resistant to corrosion and high temperatures. The maximum operating t...

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Which Industries Are AlNiCo Magnets Mainly Used In?

AlNiCo is the first permanent magnet to be developed, it is an alloy composed of aluminum, nickel, cobalt, iron, and other trace metal elements. AlNiCo magnets were developed in the 1930s. Because it ...

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The Structure Principles and Characteristics of Pot Magnets

A pot magnet is a very common product in magnetic components, and it can be seen in various production and life scenes. There is a layer of steel shell on the outside of the pot magnet, which is shape...

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The Main Three Aspects of the Treatment of Neodymium Bar Magnets

1. The main electroplating of neodymium bar magnets is nickel plating and zinc platingAccording to the different coating structures, Nickel plating is divided into single nickel, double nickel, nickel...

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How to Maintain Magnetic Filters?

Magnetic filters are widely used in our life, as one of the filters, magnetic filters are widely used in the food industry, medicine, cosmetics, fine chemicals, and other industries. A magnetic filter...

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What is a Magnetic Coupling?

1. The definition of magnetic couplingThe magnetic coupling transmits a force without any actual physical contact. Due to the attraction and repulsion of magnetic force, its effect can be linear or ro...

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What is the Composition of a Magnetic Coupling?

1. The inner and outer magnets of the magnetic couplingThe inner magnet of the magnetic coupler should be firmly fixed on the guide ring with an adhesive, and the inner magnet should be isolated from ...

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The Role of Magnetic Filters in Removing Iron Filings from Wastewater

1. Introduction of magnetic filtersThe magnetic filter is suitable for filtering high-content impurities. It is a highly efficient automatic magnetic filter and magnetic separator, also known as an ir...

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The Role of Magnetic Coupling in Magnetic Sealing Reaction Kettle

1. The magnetic coupler in the magnetic reactorMagnetically sealed reactor is suitable for chemical, pharmaceutical, dye and microbiological engineering industries, especially for chemical reactions w...

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Technology and Principle of Magnetic Filters

The magnetic filter is mainly used to separate the fine iron filings in the liquid medium, so that it can meet the required process requirements of the liquid medium. What application range is the mag...

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Overview of Neodymium Magnet Materials

Neodymium iron boron (NdFeB) magnets were commercially introduced in the early 1980s and are now widely used in many different applications. The cost of neodymium magnet material (on a per dollar ener...

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What Are the Factors That Affect the Performance of NdFeB Magnets?

Since the advent of neodymium iron boron magnet material, it has attracted attention for its excellent magnetic properties, and is called the magnet king. With the increase in market demand, the produ...

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ALNiCo Magnets for High Temperature Applications

Ⅰ. The application of ALNiCo permanent magnetsALNiCo magnets can be used at very high operating temperatures and provide excellent temperature stability. They have high remanence and lower coercivity...

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Characteristic Analysis of Alnico Magnets

1. Grades and materials of AlNiCo permanent magnetsWe have a large stock of licensed standard and premium grade AlNiCo magnet materials to reduce production and delivery time. We provide cast and sint...

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Analysis of Processing Characteristics of ALNiCo Magnets

Many friends have never heard of ALNiCo magnets. The main reason is that these ALNiCo magnets are relatively less involved in our daily life. Naturally, we don't know much about them. We will focu...

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Application Range and Characteristics of Powerful Bar Magnets

The application of powerful bar magnets is becoming more and more extensive, which shows that the professional requirements for the production of powerful magnets will be higher.Ⅰ. The application ra...

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What Are the Components of the Permanent Magnet Separator?

1. The composition of the permanent magnet separatorThe permanent magnet separator mainly relies on permanent magnets: ferrite and NdFeB, which are typeset into a large magnetic block according to cer...

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50Nm Magnetic Coupling for AUV

Underwater robots and underwater vehicles are equipment that work under the sea water, under water pressure and corrosion of the sea water, and they move under the water to perform specific functions,...

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What Factors Will Affect the Price of NdFeB Magnets?

The price of NdFeB magnets is high or low. What causes the quality and price of NdFeB magnets to be affected? It can be explained mainly from two aspects.Ⅰ. What are the factors that affect the proce...

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Attention Must Be Paid Attention to These Aspects of Storing NdFeB Magnets

There are several aspects of storing NdFeB magnets that everyone must pay attention to. Here we can give you a brief introduction, because we all know that its use range is very wide, and its developm...

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Important Application of Magnetic Filter in New Energy Lithium Battery Material Industry

1. The development of magnetic filters in the new energy lithium battery material industryIn recent years, with the continuous advancement of the national new energy policy, the demand for lithium bat...

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210323- Strong Magnetic Rod with Handle

Magnetic filter uses the principle of permanent magnet adsorption of ferromagnetic material to purify materials, its most important element is the magnetic core, its magnetic circuit is arranged in in...

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Custom Powerful Magnet

Custom-made powerful magnets are used in corrosive liquids. The magnet is required to be completely covered in a stainless steel SS316 shell and welded by argon arc welding. The whole is waterproof an...

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Packaging Protection of Long Magnetic Rods

Many manufacturers only pay attention to the magnetic rods which should not be damaged during transportation, but they do not have enough experience paying attention to the deformation of the magnetic...

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Double-layer 4-tube De-ironing Magnetic Frame

The magnetic frame usually removes the iron impurities in the powder and granular materials. The material falls from the top of the magnetic frame. When passing through the magnetic grid, the fine iro...

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What Is Magnetic Separation?

Ⅰ. What is magnetic separation?Many people may have heard of magnetic separators, but what is magnetic separation? Magnetic separation is an industrial process that recovers ferromagnetic contaminant...

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Differences between Dry Magnetic Separator and Wet Magnetic Separator

Ⅰ. The introduction of dry magnetic separatorDry magnetic separator is the mainstream of magnetic separation equipment, which is also used for industrial low-intensity magnetic separation equipment e...

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The Application of Magnetic Coupling in Roller Press Drive System

Ⅰ. Magnetic coupling is an ideal green productIn order to protect cement machinery and equipment, hydraulic coupling is often set in the transmission system of equipment to realize flexible start and...

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Application Advantages of Magnetic Couplings

Ⅰ. A brief introduction to the application of magnetic couplingsMagnetic couplings are mainly used in different types of fans, water pumps, material conveyors, bucket elevators, ball mills, winches, ...

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Iron Removal from Ternary Lithium Battery Material in the Pipeline

The installed capacity of ternary lithium batteries in China has reached 62.7%, and the installed capacity of lithium iron phosphate power batteries is 36.7%. In the production process of lithium batt...

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Large-scale Magnetic Separation Equipment

Fix dozens of magnetic rods with a length of 1800mm on the disc. The magnetic rods must be arranged in a mutually attractive manner, which can increase the magnetic field strength by about 10%. The la...

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Pipeline Magnetic Filter - lithium Battery Production Line

Due to the rapid development of China's electric vehicle industry, the lithium battery industry is also rapidly expanding. If there are conductive particles (such as iron) in the internal material...

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The Working Principle of Magnetic Coupling

I. The introduction of magnetic coupling Magnetic coupling is a new transmission mechanism and a pure mechanical product without the limitation of working environment. It is more suitable for flammabl...

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The Application of Magnetic Filters

I. The introduction of magnetic filters Magnetic filters are mainly suitable for separating fine iron components (impurities) from liquid medium, so they are widely used in food industry, medicine, co...

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Methods to Improve the Working Efficiency of Dry Magnetic Separator

I. A brief introduction of dry magnetic separator Dry magnetic separator is mainly used to extract iron powder from sand, iron ore and river sand. It is the ideal equipment to extract iron powder from...

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Why Is Dry Magnetic Separator More Suitable for Arid Areas?

I. The importance of dry magnetic separator Dry magnetic separators stand out in the sales market with the superior performance, and they are particularly suitable for the magnetic separation classifi...

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The Vortex Magnetic Coupling Principle

The magnetic coupling speed-regulating drive realizes the torque transmission from the motor to the load through the air gap between the magnetic conductor and the permanent magnet. This technology en...

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Why Is the Industrial Magnet One of the Indispensable Part in Cranes?

Lifting electromagnets and electromagnet chuck products develop and seize the market rapidly in recent years. After years of development, relevant enterprises will further innovate the production tech...

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NdFeB Adsorbs Micro Particles - Classic Application Cases of Magnetic Filters

Magnetic filters are mainly suitable for separating fine iron components (impurities) from liquid medium, so they are widely used in food industry, medicine, cosmetics, fine chemical industry and othe...

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Three Important Indicators to Measure Magnetic Rods of Impedance Devices

The materials used for magnetic rods in high-frequency welded pipe industry are roughly Mn-Zn (Mn-Zn ferrite) ferrite series and Ni-Zn (Ni-Zn ferrite) ferrite series. There are three important indicat...

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Pros and Cons for Magnetic Springs in Furniture

Magnetic Spring used in furniture, how we service our customer, help him to finish his idea and optimize the products to meet the efficient cost.

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Precautions for Magnetic Filter Cleaning and Use

There are three types of self-cleaning magnetic filters. What is the principle of magnetic filter cleaning?1. Suction type: The filtered fluid passes through the coarse filter and reaches the fine fil...

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4 Secrets You Might Not Know When Purchasing Magnetic Separations

How magnetic tubes works?A magnetic tube made of a stainless steel tube, polar plates,end-plugs, and permanent magnets. The higher the surface gauss of the tube, the higher the price. As the permanent...

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Introduction to the Magnetic Coupling Underwater Propeller

The underwater propeller is an energy conversion device that converts the heat, nuclear energy and electrical energy on the underwater vehicle into electric power to propel the ship forward. In the de...

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Magnetic Separation Technology

Environmental protection is a very important subject in the course of human existence and development. The land area of the earth accounts for about 30% of the earth's surface area, while the ocea...

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