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Why Is Dry Magnetic Separator More Suitable for Arid Areas?

I. The importance of dry magnetic separator


Dry magnetic separators stand out in the sales market with the superior performance, and they are particularly suitable for the magnetic separation classification of iron ore in arid areas. Especially, those preferential low-price dry magnetic separators help many arid areas to solve the difficult problems such as the magnetic separation classification of iron ore and steel plant slag.


II. Why is dry magnetic separator suitable for arid areas


1. The multi-functional machine can meet the application needs of different industries

The use of dry magnetic separator is not easy to be limited by water conditions, so it is more suitable to meet the screening requirements of many kinds of minerals in arid areas, such as river sand, refractory materials, rubber and food, etc. Part of the equipment can also be used online so as to achieve the purpose of continuous selection all the year round.


2. Reduce the difficulty of magnetic separation classification without using water for mineral processing


There are great limitation of water supply conditions in arid areas, but dry magnetic separators still have high magnetic separation classification efficiency without adding water. Therefore, relatively speaking, the choice of dry magnetic separators can not only save water resources easily, but also reduce the generation of sludge water, which achieves multiple purposes with one machine.

3. Improve the selection effect


Dry magnetic separators have a very good separation effect. Part of dry magnetic separators adopt the dynamic magnetic system design, so it can ensure that the material will not stick to the drum when the mineral slides, moves and rolls on the surface of the drum, thus greatly improving the magnetic separation classification effect of materials.

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