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The Application of Magnetic Filters

I. The introduction of magnetic filters


Magnetic filters are mainly suitable for separating fine iron components (impurities) from liquid medium, so they are widely used in food industry, medicine, cosmetics, fine chemical industry and other industries. Magnetic filters are suitable for removing iron powder and other magnetic impurities from food (syrup, jam, fruit juice, edible oil, etc.) and chemicals (paint, lubricating oil, cutting oil, dye, industrial syrup, pulp, salt water and other high concentration liquid).


II. Applications of magnetic filters


1. Magnetic filters can collect the harmful black iron oxide sludge that accumulates in the heating system, which helps to reduce the costs of heating and maintenance.


2. In the lithium battery industry, micro ferromagnetic pollutants will seriously affect the quality of the product. Let LEYUAN tell you how to quickly and conveniently enrich magnetic substances from materials whose ferromagnetic pollutant content is PPM or PPB and how to accurately calibrate their content have always been technical problems perplexing the users. With the help of magnetic rods of the magnetic filters, users can enrich the magnetic substance from the quantitative material to be measured, and then calibrate the total iron content of the magnetic bar adsorbent by chemical or physical means, so as to calculate the total iron content in the material to be measured.


3. In the heating or air conditioning circulation system, the impurities contained in the circulating water may cause the wear or damage of pumps, valves and other system components; these impurities can also clog radiators, valves, pipes, etc. Magnetic filters can separate the impurities in the system, especially the particles composed of river sands impurities.

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